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No Other

R.B. – Former Client 2018

It took one phone call to find that another didn’t need to be made. After speaking with him stranger to stranger he was kind & honest to discuss my situation without hesitation resulting in immediate hire. He’s thorough, precise, knowledgeable, and made me feel that not only my case but my life as a result mattered. He’s not just my attorney but our family friend!

No Stone Unturned

P.L. – Former Client 2018

I hired Mr. Marner to represent/defend me for a case in which I was the recipient of a malicious, and completely falsified allegation. From the very start, Mr. Marner (Matt) was not only focused on proving my innocence on a professional level, but also on a personal level as well. It was very apparent that Matt took the time to not only understand how this case would negatively affect me, but also how it would also negatively impact my family. Outside of the case information, Matt often asked how my wife and daughter were. It showed he genuinely cared, and reassured me that he wasn’t just fighting for me.
Matt took the time to scrutinize EVERY detail of the case. From photographs, to reports, down to interviews with EVERYONE involved, no stone was left unturned. Through the process, Matt was confident and collected. He stuck to the facts and focused on what was relevant. There was never a time where Matt ever doubted me or tried to persuade me into something I didn’t agree with. He was in it to win it, and never gave up.
The legal process is long and sometimes very frustrating. There is confusion and an insane amount of stress involved, especially when trying to prove your innocence to a Judge or jury.
If ever you’re in the unfortunate position that I was, needing representation and someone fighting in your corner, hire Matt Marner.

Dug into the details...

L.H. – Former Client 2018

With this being the first time, I was in need of a Lawyer, I can’t say enough good things about Matt’s skills as a Lawyer. He was professional and went right to work on resolving my specific scenario. Matt dug right into the details, easily navigated the technical aspects, and setup timing that worked with my schedule. That said, the results that Matt yielded were amazing, such that I highly recommend Matt’s legal skills to anyone seeking legal representation and would call on him again if I have future legal needs.

A. Former Client - 2017

A. – Former Client – 2017

In 2017, got pull over by cop and showed i had a warrant for my arrest for a DUI case from 2014. I didn’t know i had because the court never sent me a paper stating that they were ready to pursue charges against me. It is when I met Matthew Marner. He fought the case arguing that they took 3 years to arrest me when all the long I was in the same address. The prosecutor gave up and dismissed my case. My lawyer Matt Marner was polite and attentive to me the whole way up to the end. He personally took the time to call me and let me know about my case. I 100% recommend this lawyer to anyone and if in the future i need a lawyer i will contact Matthew Marner.

S. – Former Client 2017

Right from the original consultation, Matthew was focused, caring, and concerned about my case and my family and I knew that his services would be worth it. I always felt like he managed to be personal yet professional in all of the work he did for me, and that I felt secure in hiring him and he would do everything he could to help my case. Well he did, and I can confidently say that I would have never have received such phenomenal results without him having my back and getting me through one of the toughest times for my family and I. He gave me solid advice, kept things realistic about expectations, got me through mountains of paperwork like it was nothing. He is the real deal and I would vouch for his services 100%. If you want someone that will truly be concerned about your case and able to do whatever needs to be done, then Matthew Marner is the right choice for you. I am always going to be thankful I made the choice to hire him.

Huge weight lifted.

C. – Former Client – 2018

From the moment I initially spoke to Matt it was apparent that his passion for justice was exceeded only by his knowledge of the law and desire to ensure that I received fair treatment in the face of system designed in favor of the State.
Not only was Matt’s explanation of the entire DUI “process” very thorough, but the strategy he developed was customized to the particulars of my case. Matt’s pre-trial investigation was exhaustive- including interviewing all key witnesses from the night in question and consulting numerous experts to debunk State’s evidence.
In the end, Matt utilized the evidence from the independent investigation to formulate a solid defense and create strong leverage to negotiate a very favorable outcome without ever going to trial- 2 DUI counts reduced to Reckless Driving, NO JAIL, and NO INTERLOCK!

I'm grateful to have him as my attorney.

B. – Former Client – 2016/2017

Matt did an outstanding job defending me from the state of Arizona. I get to go home to my family every day because of the work this guy did. The best part about Matt is being able to get a hold of him when I need him. Matt did not b.s. me and tell me what I wanted to hear. He told me the truth even if it hurt and it was what I needed. He is always on time and I’m grateful to have him as my attorney.

Thankful to see you helping other families

T.G. – 2016 – Wife of former client

I wanted to thank you for caring about his [husband’s] well being…I thank you and we are thankful to see you helping other families out there.  I wish you much luck and if we ever have someone that needs you we will definitely send them your way.

Highly recommend for any criminal situation

N.C. – Former Client 2016

I retained Mr. Marner services for legal research and clearance of a thirteen-year-old arrest record of a marijuana charge. Although no charges were ever processed a record of the arrest was still in the system from over ten years ago. This jeopardized my current standing in the community and reputation in the work place. Mr. Marner was very understanding of my situation and provide with confidence and ease of mind. His research and documented letter provide me ammunition to obtain my clearance card. So, I can effectively work my job and as well as help me keep my reputation in the community.
I would highly recommend Mr. Marner for any criminal situation, as he responded in less than 24-hours and gave me great confidence that I could trust him to help me in an knowing time of need.

Works hard and fights for justice.

A.M. – Former Client 2016

Matthew was very knowledgeable, intelligent, easy to work with & persistent. He was able to get one of my charges dropped that’s exactly what I asked for. He works very hard & fights for justice. Matthew takes pride in his job, and is the best lawyer I’ve came across. I’ll be recommending him to anyone I know who needs a great lawyer!

Makes his cases a priority.

A. – Former Client 2016

Matt Marner definitely takes the cases he works on very seriously and makes his cases a priority. Whenever I would call him, he’d be quick to answer or call back and answer any questions with professionalism. This is a lawyer a person could trust, not just with handling the case, but with any advisement on how to handle the case. It was pleasurable just reading the motions he wrote up for my case at my leisure.

Helped me with everything.

J.H. – Former Client 2016

He helped me with everything. From little things to the big things in court and outside. He was open to all my questions. Did not hesitate to answer my questions about the court with e-mails and phone.

He helped me with everything.

J.H. – Former Client -2016

Matthew Marner helped me with everything, from little things to the big things in court and outside. He was open to all my questions. Did not hesitate to answer my questions about the court with e-mails and phone.

Makes his cases a priority.

A. – Former Client 2016

Matt Marner definitely takes the cases he works on very seriously and makes his cases a priority. Whenever I would call him, he’d be quick to answer or call back and answer any questions with professionalism. This is a lawyer a person could trust, not just with handling the case, but with any advisement on how to handle the case. It was pleasurable just reading the motions he wrote up for my case at my leisure.

He cares for his clients.

B.A. – Former Client 2015

I hired Matt for representation in a criminal traffic violation and I wasn’t disappointed. I filled out the contact form on his website on a Thursday afternoon and was able to speak with him on the phone Friday morning at 8am. I instantly knew I wanted to hire him and he worked with me over the weekend to get a contract in place. The next Tuesday I met with him in his office over lunch and after the hour meeting, I was feeling much better about the case. Matt took the time to fully understand my concerns and what my desired outcome was.

Matt showed up to every court date well ahead of time and walked me through each step of the process. He would call, text, and email between court dates to check in and make sure he could answer any questions. It was very clear that he cares for his clients and will do everything in his power to make sure they are satisfied.

In the end, Matt was able to get a result that met everything in my desired outcome. I am very glad I choose him as my lawyer and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking representation!

Matt went above and beyond.

T.M.,Mother of Former Client – 2015

Our family really wanted to thank you for your efforts on this case. You went above and beyond our expectations for [Client’s name redacted for privacy]. When we first spoke he was looking at a minimum year and nine months of prison time. As a mother, to hear that my son was looking at serving that length and type of sentence it was devastating. Financially we weren’t in a position to hire an attorney to represent him and you offered Knapp counsel information and services [A type of supplementary lawyer service]. We had called several attorneys before contacting your office and were told that he’d most likely be looking at a 2-3 year prison sentence. You were the only attorney to give us the full picture of what he was facing, your thoughts on lesser punishment, and committed to helping us through this process as Knapp counsel. No other attorney spoke of Knapp counsel. You spent hours on the phone with me reviewing in detail the options, obstacles, and scenarios both best and worst case. You visited him in jail on a holiday because we weren’t financially able to bail him out at that phase of the case. You assisted his public defender in the courtroom, behind the scenes and kept us all informed as the case moved forward. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. As a mother to not have control or be able to protect your child (grown or not) from jail or prison is a horrible feeling. You guided our family and although you gave no guarantees, everything happened the way you projected it to happen. For me that was a lifeline. To be prepared for the worst but to have hope in something better and know that it is within reach and reason so that this whole nightmare will be a little less scary changed everything. He begins serving his 12 days [sentence included 12 days of jail, down from a risk of very minimum one year of state prison] today followed by two years supervised probation. In the event something comes up, we will absolutely know who to call. Thank you Matt.

Thorough, aggressive, fantastic.

Nikki,Fiance of former client – 2015

Matt Marner did a wonderful job representing my fiance. We hired him much later than we should have but Matt worked very hard, probably putting in double the effort to the case. He was extremely thorough in all aspects of the case and while he was aggressive in getting things done, he did a fantastic job of making us feel as though we were the only people he was working with. He focused on the bigger picture and did not treat my fiance like he was just another dollar sign. His compassion truly sets him apart from many people. In fact, just the other day, he contacted me just to see how I was doing. I am truly grateful for the amazing job he did and would recommend him to anyone needing legal representation.

Mr. Marner was an absolute blessing!!

K, Former client – 2015

Mr. Marner was an absolute blessing!! As most people, I was extremely terrified knowing I had to go to court and fight a charge, I was assigned Matthew as my public defender. I had always been told public defenders don’t have the drive or skills to “get the job done properly”. Matthew proved that statement to be completely incorrect. We took my case to trial and throughout the entire process Matthew kept me in the loop with all of his different strategies, always made me feel so confident and even pumped up to go to court and WIN! The day of trial Matthew was so beyond prepared and assured me we were going to keep fighting hard to prove my innocence. Mr. Marner ended up getting my case dismissed!!! When I say this man is a blessing I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart! He gave me confidence and even some knowledge on AZ laws which come in hand! I highly recommend Mr. Marner if you want someone willing to fight hard for you and kick butt!

Matt, I’m eternally grateful to you, thanks

C., Former Client – 2015

I can’t, in short, say enough good things about Matthew. He goes above and beyond his duties as an attorney, he truly cares for his clients. Matt immediately took all the weight of my anxieties off my shoulders and carried them thru to the end to a perfect result in my case.
Matt explained every aspect of his intentions and every phase of the law pertains to my case and made sure I fully understood every word.
Once in a while in life you just get lucky, my meeting Matthew Marner was my luck.
If you are looking for that lawyer that you can depend on for the best results possible, you’ll being doing yourself an injustice if you don’t hire Matthew Marner.

He worked magic.

S.S.,Former Client – 2014

I can’t tell you how lucky I was to have Matthew Marner as my attorney. After being arrested for a no victim/no damage DUI from 6 years previous, the state wanted to charge me with 3 felonies, and 2 years supervised probation, in addition to time, of course. My main concern was the felonies. Matthew Marner was always honest with me, always incredibly friendly, reassuring, so well-versed, and always fighting for me. He always made time for me. I can honestly say I’ve never heard of anyone having an attorney that worked as hard for them as Mr. Marner did for me. Now? I completed my 1 year of UNSUPERVISED probation, and best of all, have no felonies! Thanks to the work of Matt Marner. He really worked his magic. When I say he’s amazing, seriously, he’s amazing.

I could not have picked a better lawyer.

M.C.,Former Client – 2014

I am writing this review to inform others of the over the top help that Matt provided to me. When I was first prosecuted I thought I was done for. Everyone said to me that there was zero hope of getting off this case. When I first met Matt he told me that he was going to dig deep and try his best. I assumed every lawyer said this. But as my case went on he kept me up to date on everything that was going on and what he was doing to improve my situation. I could really see the effort Matt was putting into my case. This was a long and tedious process for me, for i had not been through anything like this. Matt continued to assure me that he was doing everything he could for me. He was prompt and on time and would stay with me after each day in court to explain what was going on. Long story short after a grueling week in trial, that Matt had put an incredible amount of time and effort into, he won four of the five charges against me, one being a felony charge. I don’t believe that any other lawyer would put this amount of effort into a case like mine. I could not have picked a better lawyer than Matt Marner. If you find yourself in a tough situation, like I did, I would recommend Matt everyday of the week!

He won our brother’s freedom.

Michelle,Sister of Former Client – 2014

We are a family in Southern California. We had a loved one living in Arizona who was in a lot of trouble. We were very scared. Mr Marner was the only one who stood between our loved one and prison. He was on top of everything working relentlessly to win this case. We felt secure being in a very precarious situation knowing that Mr Marner was on our side. He always took the time to patiently answer all of our questions helping us to feel at ease. He was there for us every step of the way. We deeply appreciate Mr Marner for his dedication and hard work on our loved one’s behalf. We cannot thank him enough and will always be so grateful to him. He won our brother’s freedom. What kind of price can you put on freedom?? There is no price. Mr Marner is a Godsend. Truly a Godsend.

This man changed my life.

J., Former Client – 2014

Not sure what I can say about this guy right here. About a year ago I was facing 3 felony charges. (Rightfully so in the eyes of some) at the ripe young age of 18 at the time. I was facing 10-15 years if convicted of the 3 felonies. Being 18 I had no idea what the hell to do in jail. So I did what everyone does. I called my mom. She called my pastor. He sent Matthew my way. 8PM. Released with an ankle monitor. Court 2 weeks later. i go to show up. All charges dismissed. I feel this was because of the discussion he had with the judge and the Rep from Arizona during my bail hearing. This man changed my life. Best possible lawyer. I hope to never have to use him again. But if the time came that I need a lawyer. I know who to call. I hope one day to be on a jury and see this man at work. Remember Matt. 3 Felony charges. One hour notice. Client released. Marner out. This guy does his work. From public defender not pretender. To justice defender.

When I couldn't smile, Mr. Marner gave me his.

R.T.,Former Client – 2014

Over the years I’ve realized that God doesn’t always do what’s “fair” for our lives, He does what’s best. Sometimes he has to remove what we want, in order to give us what we need. My greatest blessings were birthed from my biggest “disappointments”. When I thought He was punishing me, He was really saving me. He removed my selfish dreams, and gave me an everlasting purpose. I will never again let my lack of understanding, create a lack of trust in Him. His plan is always greater!!! ‪Mr. Marner was a God sent Angel in my case. From day one He was committed to his job searching, finding & speaking out about my court case. I struggled mentally & emotionally when I couldn’t smile Mr. Marner gave me his. I’m Blessed to have had him as my Lawyer he Represents with Loyalty & Trust. When the climb became rocky he never gave up “He is a Fighter” I’m reminded of this quote “When you want to succeed as bad as you wanna breathe than you’ll be successful” Mr. Marner helped me do just that! I have now gained an Amazing Friend may God Bless You & Your journey Matt.

Mr. Marner played a huge part in the transformation of my life!

K.Y.,Former Client – 2010

You and the work you did for me 5 years ago played a huge part in the transformation of my life! I was able to be there when my mother passed away from her illness less than 6 months after you handled my case; I went back to school and got my degree (in criminal justice); I’ve been with the same amazing job for almost 3 years; I bought my first home and car on my own after my divorce; needless to say that I have felt nothing but extreme gratitude toward you for the past 5 years and for your kind heart seeing that I wasn’t “just some criminal” and that it was a one time incident due to my surrounding circumstances. I was given a second chance at my life, and I owe you a huge thank you for your part in that. Thank you Mr. Marner!